Burnham Print

Burnham Print


Limited to just 50 prints, the Burnham poster honors Oak & Oscar's very first watch model, named after architect and city planner, Daniel Burnham. A true Chicago legend. 

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We want wanted to make something beautiful for your walls, not just your wrist.

We teamed up with local graphic artist, John Hatherly, and legendary printmaker Spudnik Press Cooperative to create our own limited edition screen prints.

Spudnik Press Cooperative is a community-based art center located in Chicago that focuses on traditional printmaking, fine art publications and providing access to quality resources for independent artists. They were the perfect place to handle production of these beauties. 

Each numbered print has its own character - all part of the traditional screen print process. None are identical, none are the same.

The prints are 18 inches tall by 12 inches wide and are  suitable for framing. The paper was sourced from the French Paper Company based in Niles, Michigan for more than 140 years. French Paper Company is one of the last, small independent mills in America and has been run by six generations of the same family.