Work with people you like

Know what you're good at and know when to find the best.  Chase hand selected the team of highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen who help drive the quality and continuously push the envelope to bring you guys the very best.  These guys are some of the best craftsmen in America and are completely passionate about what they do.  They are absolutely dedicated to their craft and their role in the development of Oak & Oscar. 

They're also good people; people who get what it means to defy convention and take the risk pursuing a passion.  These guys have each carved their place in their respective markets and made a name for themselves.


Dustin Case

Bottom line - Dustin makes cool sh*t with his hands.  From hand cut, hand sewn leather goods to hatchets and knives of hardened steel he crafts out of his Indiana-based shop. 

Dustin painstakingly hand stitches each of the beautiful leather two-piece straps that come with every watch.  He takes pride in his work and we at Oak & Oscar are honored to have him as part of the team.

Crown & Buckle

Thomas Lathrop

Thomas has his finger on the market of nylon straps and basically sets the industry standard.  His Florida-based company is the go to spot for nylon straps and his eye for detail is second to none.  

Thomas supplies the nylon straps that are a perfect match for the warmer months.  


Chris Wiegand

Chris has almost 20 years of experience running his own successful watch brand that is known for high-quality, sporty time pieces.   He has cultivated a team of global experts that can make and do anything.

Chris and his team of experts handle the production and testing of each watch.  His team hand assembles the watches in his Ohio-based shop.    

Defy MFG Co.

Chris Tag

This guy exudes cool and represents so much of what Oak & Oscar stands for.  He defied convention and left a safe corporate job to create the world-renowned Defy Mfg. Co.  He lives and breathes the credo that is all about doing what you love and taking control of your own destiny.

Chris and his team (you're the best Lexy!) build the super sleek and versatile watch wallet in his Chicago-based shop. 

Working with good people is important to Chase, just as important as doing good and giving back.  Chase has always had a soft spot for dogs - heck, his first word was his dog's name!  The furry beasts are so important to him that he's dedicated a portion of his profits to One Tail at a Time, a local Chicago rescue group dedicated to dogs in need. 

Please take the time to check them out and see all the good they're doing for dogs and the humans who love them.