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our team

We're watch guys.

And we're inspired by other watch lovers' stories and how watches play a role in their lives. Watches are part of culture in more than just a physical manner. They’re passed down from generation to generation, they're worn at weddings, given as gifts, mark special occasions, and gain more value as they’re worn. They’re uniquely special and we’re honored to be a part of that.

Oak & Oscar is an independent Chicago-based watch company founded in 2015. We care about making big plans, working with good people and making sure the details make the design.



Chase Fancher



Founder, capital put-er-upper, designer, risk taker and the guy who makes the coffee and pours the bourbon in the shop. Chase left an unfulfilling corporate job to start Oak & Oscar and find a better work life balance.

He spends his time designing, managing the team, making big plans and keeping Oscar, his mischievous dog, entertained at the Chicago-based shop.


John Hatherly



John is a designer by trade, artist by night, and tennis player any day of the week. A self-taught designer whose liberal arts background in mathematics and economics provides both an analytical rigor and holistic, “big-picture” approach to his work.

As Creative Director, he approaches design with a sense of wonder; seeking experiences that balance playful curiosity with meticulous precision. He doesn't believe great work happens in a vacuum. Design is not a nine-to-five job; for him, it’s a window to the world.


Good People Build Great Products

We believe design can and should inspire.

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with good people to build great products that are beautiful, superbly crafted, and uniquely Oak & Oscar.

Meet the partners we collaborate with to make your Oak & Oscar timepiece.