Rough Out

Rough Out


Leather watch wallet with detachable suede pouches and zipper closure.

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This is our newest style of leather and I absolutely love it! Rough out is essentially the backside of the finished leather - the side that Horween didn't intend you to see. We absolutely love the character and uniqueness that it brings to each wallet - no two are the same. The leather has a vintage, suede-like appearance with a soft yet rugged touch. Easily my favorite of the bunch. 

The leather watch wallet was designed in house and is handcrafted by Indiana-based, Woodnsteel. The exterior shell is made using Horween leather, America's longest running tannery and reinforced with 100% wool felt for an added layer of soft protection. The zippered closure helps ensure that your watches stay put.

Inside the wallet, you'll find an interior pocket perfect for a passport, extra straps and even a slim tool. The super soft grey suede used for the detachable pouches comes from Tasman Leather. The custom designed pouches securely attach via a leather belt and loop system giving you the ultimate in travel flexibility.  Slip the whole wallet in your bag or just take a suede pouch - the choice is yours!

Your wallet will age and develop it's own patina over time - each little scratch or mark in the leather will tell its own story! Please note that leather is a natural material and each hide has a personality of its own - markings, colorations and imperfections may vary with each item.    


* International buyers are responsible for any customs duties.