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... for they have no magic to stir men's blood.



... for they have no magic to stir men's blood.


Modern Drive.
Classic Cool.

Check out our latest, limited-edition series, the Jackson – A hand-wound, column wheel, flyback chronograph.




Oak & Oscar was founded on the premise of taking control of your life and doing what you love; it’s about taking risks and tirelessly pursuing one’s own dream rather than working for someone else's. How often do people day dream about leaving the safety and comfort of their day job to pursue their passions? For Chase, the founder of Oak & Oscar, a moment arrived when a dream became more than an unrealized passion; the dream became a necessity.  Morning, noon and night; business meetings, professional training and conference calls; traveling, holidays and sleep - all intertwined, interrupted, and influenced by the dream of Oak & Oscar. Chase defied convention and took the risky leap towards freedom by placing his mark on the distinguished world of horology. After selling out of Oak & Oscar's first two releases, the Burnham and the Sandford, Chase is excited to bring you guys something new.

Oak & Oscar is not your typical boutique watch brand; each and every detail of our watches have been considered, tweaked and perfected. 




Some of The Best Craftsmen

Some of The Best Craftsmen

Work with people you like

Know what you're good at and know when to find the best.  Chase hand selected the team of highly skilled and dedicated people who help drive the quality and continuously push the envelope to bring you guys the very best.  These folks are some of the best at what they do and are completely passionate about the industries.  They are absolutely dedicated to their craft and their role in the development of Oak & Oscar.

They're also good people; people who get what it means to defy convention and take the risk pursuing a passion.  These guys have each carved their place in their respective markets and made a name for themselves.


Dustin case


Bottom line - Dustin makes cool sh*t with his hands.  From hand cut, hand sewn leather goods to hatchets and knives of hardened steel he crafts out of his Indiana-based shop.  

Dustin, and his team of makers, painstakingly craft the leather watch wallets and hand stitch each of the beautiful leather two-piece straps that come with every watch.  He takes pride in his work and we at Oak & Oscar are proud to have him as part of the team.

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Henry Ly

Watchmaking Project

You want a guy like Henry in your corner. When he’s not working on a Rolex, Patek or Omega, you’ll find Henry and his team of highly trained watchmakers at the bench performing critical quality control checks on every Oak & Oscar watch. They are also the go-to-crew for our service and warranty program and perform all necessary secondary assembly of our watches. If he can’t fix a watch with his impressive set of skills (and expensive watchmaking tools…) then it’s just plain not fixable. Henry and his team perform their magic in their New York-based shop.

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Christine le Marquand


When you’re searching for a Swiss partner to handle the production, testing and final assembly of your watches, you can only dream of finding someone as amazing as Christine and her team of experts. But seriously, not only does she put up with my obsession of getting every little detail right, she actually encourages it!

The triad of awesomeness at Walca is completed by Damien and Yann – who both specialize in industrial design. They live and breathe technical design and their passion comes through in their work.  Walca is based in Biel/Bienne Switzerland.

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Chase Fancher

Oak & Oscar

Founder, capital put-er-upper, designer, risk taker and the guy who makes the coffee and pours the bourbon in the shop. Chase left his fancy corporate career to pursue his dream gig and find a better work life balance. He spends his time designing, managing the team, making big plans and keeping Oscar, his mischievous dog, entertained at the Chicago-based shop.

But let’s be honest, the real stars of this show are the watches themselves and the amazing folks out there who collect them.

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Working with good people is important to Chase, just as important as doing good and giving back.  Chase has always had a soft spot for dogs - heck, his first word was his dog's name!  The furry beasts are so important to him that he's dedicated a portion of his profits to One Tail at a Time, a local Chicago rescue group dedicated to dogs in need. 

Please take the time to check them out and see all the good they're doing for dogs and the humans who love them.

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Design, materials and an attention to the small stuff...

Design, materials and an attention to the small stuff...

The small stuff matters

We believe details make the design. Attention to detail is at the heart of the Oak & Oscar ethos. Each element of the watch has undergone careful scrutiny and consideration.  You've not seen a dial like this before; countless hours were invested to tweak and tune the placement of each detail. The numeral 8 on the Burnham and Sandford required almost 80 hours of design time alone to ensure that it didn't resemble a military stencil. On the Jackson,  we spent a significant amount of time ensuring that the light grey subdials were functional and easy to read with alternating five-minute color blocks and color coordinated hands and markers. You'll even see that the printed numerals on both registers carry over the same font as the stenciled numbers from the sandwich dials found on the Burnham and the Sandford. The list goes on; color-matched date wheel, hash mark on the numeral 7, lume color, custom case shape, beautifully decorated movement and a couple other hidden details.  Every component of an Oak & Oscar product is developed and examined with the same high level of scrutiny.

Chase didn't simply walk into Horween, one of the highest quality leather tanneries in the world, and nonchalantly grab leather off the rack.  Instead, he traversed a year-long process, selecting the perfect combination of colors to compliment the seconds hand, thickness of hide for comfort and durability and just the right amount of pull-up for balance of stretch and rigidity.  And of course, that meant he had to special-order custom-dyed leather and then impatiently wait for the better part of a year.  Why?  Because he won't settle for something less than ideal; adequacy is not an option. 


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